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Student Pastoral Care Code

Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Students

Supporting the safety and wellbeing of all our residents is integral to our mission. As an approved
University of Canterbury accommodation provider, Arcady Hall must also ensure that it is compliant
with the expectations relating to accommodation providers set out in Part 5 of the Education
(Pastoral Cate of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of practice 2021. (Please see this link for more)

What is the Code?

The Code was developed by the Ministry of Education with student input to document a range
of requirements designed to support the wellbeing and safety of students. It covers topics like
physical safety and inclusion, access to advice and support services, physical and mental health
support, student accommodation requirements, and opportunities for students to have their voices

What can residents expect of their accommodation provider under the Code?

Under the Code, student accommodation providers must:

  • Provide a safe and inclusive residential community.

  • Have appropriate facilities and services.

  • Be secure, dry, warm, accessible, and conducive to study.

  • Ensure staff are fit and proper persons and trained and supported to do their job.

  • Provide contracts, house rules, and policies that are fair and easy to understand.

  • Have appropriate ratios of live-in accommodation staff.

  • Have systems to regularly check on residents in student accommodation.

  • Have plans to support residents in a critical incident or emergency.

  • Disclose who owns and operates the student accommodation.

  • Conduct any building work in a timely manner that does not unduly disturb residents.

What should residents do if they have a concern?

If a resident has any concerns about their wellbeing and safety at Arcady Hall, they should discuss
these in the first instance with the Principal, Sonia Mazey. For more infor
mation on the Hall’s formal
complaints process, please see the Arcady Hall General Policies and Procedures Manual.

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