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Events & Activities

There is something for everyone at Arcady – whether you’re into sports, music, art, game or just hanging out by the pool table, we’ve got your student experience covered. We stagger our formal events throughout the year like Casino Night, Awards Dinner, and the The Ball with some more low key activities like art classes, dance nights, sports competitions and themed dinners.


We have a 4 pillar approach to our events programme to ensure we are catering to the diverse group of residents as well as promoting positive wellbeing and well rounded growth.

Life - Life Skill development

Learn - Academic support and promoting positive study habits

Connect - Social, spiritual, mental & emotional, physical

Support - Volunteering, interhall, cultural awareness

We also cater our events to the flow of the year and have a focus each month for our four pillars. 

Term One: Induction and instilling good habits

Term Two: Upskilling, Distress / Wellbeing

Term Three: Getting ready for life outside Arcady

Term Four: Distress / Wellbeing, Tying up loose ends

We have a lot to offer and we believe the more you get involved in the more well-rounded your hall experience will be!

Check out our events for Arcady students

Below is a taster of different events and activities our students have been involved in. Some of our events like The Ball and Casino Night are held every year and other activities are based on student interest. Every year we create new and exciting events and activities for our students.

Click through some of our photos!

Casino Night
The Ball
Barn Dance
Casino Night
Karaoke Night
Casino Night
Amazing Race
Casino Night
Sporting Events
Craft Events
Themed Parties

There is always something to do around the hall, check out some examples below:

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