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Learner Voice

We have several methods in place for our students voices to be heard including:

  • Residential Assistance (RA) Floor Group Meetings:

    • Our RAs meet informally with their ‘floor group’ each month to inform them of any current events, provide helpful hints and reminders. During the meeting, residents can discuss any issues they would like them to raise to the staff. Residents are always welcome to talk to the RAs whenever necessary.


  • Residential Surveys:

    • Residents are given surveys to complete after arrival and prior to exiting Arcady Hall. This provides an opportunity for residents to provide online feedback about their experience of our facilities, academic and pastoral support, and catering, as well as the Arcady Hall staff team. Staff collects this information and uses it to make improvements throughout the hall where needed.


  • Suggestion Box:

    • Residents are welcome to pop a note into the Suggestion Box on ideas to improve their experience at the hall. These ideas are discussed during the Student Executive meeting to find ways to implement them

2024 Student Executive

Here at Arcady Hall, we have a student executive comprising student representatives and an RA, which meets with the Principal and Assistant Principal weekly and the Board of Trustees twice a year.

 The student executive plays a pivotal role within the Arcady community – running social events, providing residents’ feedback on Hall policies & rules, and helping to create an engaged community.

Nominations are submitted by the residents, and the RAs and Management team review the applications and select the members. The Executive elects its own Chair and Secretary.

Check out this years executive team below:

Hamish Buchanan.jpg

Hamish Buchanan

Kia Ora! I grew up on a farm just outside of the tightknit community of Paeroa - Town of L&P. I'm one of many engineers on the student council. I aim to use my position to review hall policies to better fit resident needs and create events that foster genuine connection between residents while serving the Christchurch community. A 'fun' fact about myself is that at around age 9 I got to experience how well a bloated cow works as a trampoline (They're very effective). 

Alyssa Burt.jpg

Alyssa Burt

Kia ora! My name is Alyssa Burt and I am from Motueka studying engineering at UC. I put my name forward for the Council as I have had previous experience in youth councils, and I love providing a voice and organising events for others. A little fun thing about me is that I am a bit of a Star Wars fan and meddle with cosplaying every now and then. 

Conrad Clark.JPG

Conrad Clark

My name is Conrad, and I hail from Invercargill. I am studying Engineering, aiming to get into the Mechanical Engineering course next year. I am a bit of a car geek and have been to Oceania Champs for Track cycling. I put my name forward for the role as Council member to try see if there is any way to make Arcady a better place for students, as well as gain a bit of experience with a representative role too.

Bec Connolly.jpg

Bec Connolly

Kia ora! My name is Bec and I am a first year Engineering student from Wellington. I put my name forward for the student council as I love getting involved with events, talking, and listening to other students about how they feel and supporting everyone to get the most out of this year and to create memories that will last a lifetime. One fun thing about myself is that I love to sew! Most of the clothes I wear I have sewn or upcycled and the initial reason I felt at home when I first toured around Arcady was because there was a sewing machine.

Luka Hendrikse.jpg

Luka Hendrikse

My name is Luka, I’m from the Tron and I’m studying Engineering. I put myself forward for student council because I strongly value the people around me whom I have already come to know so well and want to represent. I believe I have a lot to offer to this Hall and I value this opportunity I have to be in a leadership position within my time here at Arcady. I really enjoy going out mountain biking any chance I get to. 

Thomas Moggie.jpg

Thomas Moggie

Hi! My name is Tom, I grew up in Malaysia and have been living in Christchurch for the best part of 3 years. I study Engineering and I'm hoping to major in mechatronics. I put my name forward for the student council because I believe change comes from being an active voice in places of leadership - one of my main goals on the student council is to promote the idea of a 'united Arcady Hall'. A fun fact about me, the first concert I went to was an Iron Maiden cover band; I think I was the youngest person there by about 20 years

Isla Swanney.jpg

Isla Swanney

Hi, I'm Isla. I'm from Nelson and I am currently studying engineering. I applied for the student council because I love organising events and want to help make Arcady a great place to live. One fun fact about me is that I like to crochet in my spare time.

Ashleigh van Gemst.jpg

Ashleigh van Gemst

Hey guys! I'm Ashleigh and I'm originally from east Auckland, but now I currently reside on MH3. Like most of you, I am also studying Engineering. I hope to make Arcady an environment that everyone enjoys and thrives in, as well as planning cool events throughout the year. A fun fact about me is that I will always have a nursery rhyme for any occasion.

Joel Woodmass.jpeg

Joel Woodmass

Hey I’m Joel.  I am excited to be a part of the Arcady Hall Student Council. I’m originally from Palmerston North and moved here to study a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. I’m really looking forward to being able to advocate and support all the students at Arcady to the best that I can.

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