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Academic Support

We want to provide you with opportunities to further your academic success in your first year. We believe the best way to do this is to connect you with your fellow course mates and offer tutoring from expert students.


To start the year we link you to those studying in your courses or degrees to ensure you have a solid network before your course work even begins, and from there we run weekly Study Sessions where top students are invited to answer any of your questions, facilitate discussions, and provide you with a great environment to get your work complete.

During exams, we increase our tutorials to provide dedicated time to give you more confidence to head into your exams.

We have found that the best academic support comes from the environment we have created in our community which prioritizes the ability to focus and study.

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Below is a calendar of events and study groups held at the hall during study week 2021. Study week is the week prior to exams and these activities are designed to help students make the most of that time.

Study week Calendar.jpg
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