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We welcome donations of any value from alumni and friends of the Hall. Your generosity helps us to
support current and future students to thrive and succeed. We especially welcome contributions
toward the following current initiatives:


  • Arcady Hall first in Family Scholarships: Consistent with the Hall’s founding values (inclusiveness, diversity, and community), we are currently seeking donations to help fund our ‘First in Family’ entrance scholarships’ for residents, who are the first member of their immediate family to enrol in a degree level qualification.

  • Our Sustainable Future: We are currently taking steps to reduce the Hall’s operational carbon footprint for example, by becoming more energy efficient, recycling wherever possible, and minimising our food waste. Specific projects under consideration include installing solar energy panels and purchasing a machine known as the GC-100 Food Soil System, to convert 100% of our food waste into fertiliser for our gardens. For more details see:

Arcady Hall is a registered Charitable Trust (cc 29575) which means that gifts over $5 are tax
deductible for New Zealand taxpayers. All donations will be acknowledged in our Annual Report and
on our website, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

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Bequests and Sponsorship
If you would like to make a bequest to Arcady Hall or sponsor a Hall event or activity please contact
Sonia Mazey, our Principal at

Celebrating our Alumni:

We would love to share your stories and achievements with other members of the Arcady/Bishop Julius community via our Newsletters and Facebook Groups. Please Contact Sonia Mazey, our Principal at to tell us your stories about living in the Hall, and how those experiences influenced what you did next.

Alumni photos strip.jpg
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Getting involved with Arcady:

We are keen to connect previous residents with our current students, many of whom are keen to hear first-hand about career options from those who are now experts and leaders in their chosen fields. If you would like to visit the Hall, or talk our students about something you’re passionate about, please contact us at

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