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Move-in day 2022
Move-in day 2022

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Move-in day 2022
Move-in day 2022

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Interhall Sports
Interhall Sports

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Move-in day 2022
Move-in day 2022

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Sonia Mazey – April 29. 2022


In light of the government’s recent decision to move the country to the orange Covid-19 setting, we have reviewed the Hall’s policies with regard to visitors, scanning, vaccination passes and functions.  Whilst our new policies outlined below are less restrictive than under the Red setting, we still need to be vigilant; Covid-19 has not gone away.

·Vaccination mandate and vaccination checks

Following a recent risk assessment, we have rescinded our vaccination mandate with effect from Friday 29th April 2022. We will no longer be checking Covid-19 vaccination passports.


However, to protect current residents and staff (some of whom are vulnerable in terms of their Covid-19 health risk), we will continue to collect information about the vaccination status of staff and students.  Additionally, all future applications for new staff and residents will be assessed on a case-by-case basis specifically regarding the additional Covid-19 related risks posed to our community.

·Face Masks

Kitchen and dining hall staff are required to wear face masks (in accordance with government guidelines at the Covid-19 orange setting). 


We need to keep our staff safe whilst they are at work. Therefore, we strongly encourage staff and students to wear face masks in areas where staff primarily work including the dining hall, laundry and reception/office area.


Masks do not need to be worn outside, in student accommodation areas, or the common room, though social distancing is advised.  However, wearing a mask will make you less likely to contract Covid-19, so we strongly encourage this.


Face masks are not required at private, social gatherings and activities for residents only held in Hall. 

·Overnight Guests

The ban on overnight guests is lifted from 7th May 2022.  Students who wish to have an overnight guest to stay in Hall are required to complete an overnight guest request form.

We will continue to monitor the risks posed by Covid-19 to our residents and staff. If any changes are required to our policies, we will communicate these to students and staff immediately.

Please direct any questions or comments regarding this policy to


For further details of the University of Canterbury’s COVID-19 policies, guidelines and updates see:

Click below to view our COVID-19 frequently asked questions page

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Click below for more information about scholarships available at Arcady Hall.

BJH Academic Merit Scholarship - awarded to three students for excellence in year 13 academic results.


Daniel Scott (Taradale High School, Hawkes Bay, studying BE Hons Engineering)

Emma Lee Abbott Joe (St. Peter's School, Rotorua, studying Bachelor of Product Design)

Madeline Potter (John Paul College, Rotorua, studying Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology)

Churchill Julius Scholarship - awarded to a student for their community contribution throughout their senior years at High School.

Hannah Ruelens (Campion College, Gisborne, studying Bachelor of Criminal Justice)

Warwick Sherwood Scholarship - awarded to a student for their community contribution throughout their senior years at High School.

Solomon Ord-Walton (New Plymouth Boys High, studying BE Hons Engineering)

Sadie Penny Scholarship - Awarded to a female student who can demonstrate their passion for STEM.

Holly Wogan (Taradale High School, Hawkes Bay, studying BE Hons Engineering)


We offer Entry and Resident Scholarships.

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Student Experience

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Our Facilities

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UC Accommodation run group tours of the halls throughout the year.
Please check out their website here to register for a tour.

We also offer individual tours of Arcady Hall by appointment. Please email to set up a time to visit.