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Learner Voice

Residential Assistance (RA) Floor Group Meetings

Our RAs meet informally with their ‘floor group’ each month to inform them of any current events,provide helpful hints and reminders. During the meeting, residents can discuss any issues they wouldlike them to raise to the staff. Residents are always welcome to talk to the RAs whenever necessary.


Residential Surveys

Residents are given surveys to complete after arrival and prior to exiting Arcady Hall. This providesan opportunity for residents to provide online feedback about their experience of our facilities,academic and pastoral support, and catering, as well as the Arcady Hall staff team. Staff collects thisinformation and uses it to make improvements throughout the hall where needed.


Suggestion Box

Residents are welcome to pop a note into the Suggestion Box on ideas to improve their experienceat the hall. These ideas are discussed during the Student Executive meeting to find ways toimplement them.

2023 Student Executive

Here at Arcady Hall, we have a student executive comprising student representatives and an RA, which meets with the Principal and Assistant Principal weekly and the Board of Trustees twice a year.

 The student executive plays a pivotal role within the Arcady community – running social events, providing residents’ feedback on Hall policies & rules, and helping to create an engaged community.

Nominations are submitted by the residents, and the RAs and Management team review the applications and select the members. The Executive elects its own Chair and Secretary.

Naomi Riddell

Studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts – Fun Fact(FF): Has walked around the largest lake in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rose Holden

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering – FF: Medalled at both the North Island and South Island secondary school champs for rowing.

Alex Padfield

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering - FF: Works as a Surf Lifeguard during the summer at Mount Maunganui.

Daniel Ramsay

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering – FF: Loves sweet chilli sauce.

Sarah Wright

Studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Geology and Biology – FF: Nerd who loves the outdoors.

Caleb Corban

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering – FF: Makes Kefir.

Isaac Living

Studying a Bachelor of Sports Coaching – FF: playing ultimate frisbee.

Jessica Dixon

Studying a Bachelor of Financial Engineering – FF: Born on Guy Fawkes day.

Emily Bergman

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering – FF: Loves to paint

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