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Arcady Hall is committed to assisting and supporting its residents, both academically and personally. The information it gathers at the time of enrolment is required solely for this purpose. 




Arcady is responsible for ensuring that the information that is obtained by Arcady, the methods of holding such information, and the way it is used complies with the provisions of the Privacy Act 2020 and meets the needs for which the information is collected. 




  •  Information provided by residents will be available for discreet access only by approved staff members.

  •  Only information that is relevant will be required which may include personal and family contact details, photographic records, academic history, health and dietary requirements, vehicle ownership, banking details, citizenship, ethnicity, prior education, and school details. 

  • When a resident is deemed at to be at risk of harm, some of their information may be shared with UC student support services, UC Health Centre, other health providers, and nominated emergency contacts. 

  • Arcady will make every effort to keep personal records secure. Safe storage measures will include: 

    • Keeping non-current material in locked filing cabinets. 

    • Ensuring personal files are not exposed to non-authorised persons. 

    • Locking offices while not in use. 

    • Ensuring records are not left open in workspaces overnight. 

    • Appropriately disposing of personal information no longer required. 


  • Access to academic information: As part of its service provision to residents, Arcady Hall requires residents, on enrolment, to provide signed permission for staff to access their university examination results and to receive Analytics for Course Engagement (ACE) updates on their engagement with their courses from the University of Canterbury 

  • Complaints: If any resident wishes to express concern about privacy policy breaches occurring, they should raise the concern in writing with the Principal, who will investigate the complaint and report back on the matter to the complainant and the Board within 14 days. 

Last reviewed: August 2022

  • Who is an Arcady student?
    There is no one ‘type’ of student that we select. Selection is managed by the senior team and mostly what we are looking for are students that want to work hard and get involved in the Hall. You don’t have to be a A+ student, you need to be a student that appreciates the balance that this hall provides.
  • Is Arcady a new Hall?
    No, we were formerly called Bishop Julius Hall and have been around for over 100 years. We have a rich history of providing great service to students. We changed our name to flag a new era for the hall, and symbolize the inclusivity, diversity and modern thinking that the Hall is embracing.
  • I don’t know anyone coming to the Hall, will I make friends easily?"
    Absolutely yes! It might seem overwhelming at first, but everyone is in the same boat and ready to connect. Make sure you dedicate your first week to meeting new people, attending events and staying open to all the wonderful opportunities.
  • If I am struggling at the Hall, will there be support?"
    There are so many supports services at the Hall, University and Canterbury region. Please reach out to an RA or staff member and we can connect you with as many supports as required.
  • What happens if I change my mind and leave during the year?
    The Hall has one key recruitment period and so your contact is for the full academic year. If you decide to leave, we are only able to refund some of your fees if we are able to fill the room. After students become settled for the year, this becomes more challenging.
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