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  • What kind of people do you look for?
    There is no one ‘type’ of student that we select. Selection is managed by the senior team and mostly what we are looking for are students that want to work hard and get involved in the Hall. You don’t have to be a A+ student, you need to be a student that appreciates the balance that this hall provides.
  • Is Arcady a new Hall?
    No, we were formerly called Bishop Julius Hall and have been around for over 100 years. We have a rich history of providing great service to students. We changed our name to flag a new era for the hall, and symbolize the inclusivity, diversity and modern thinking that the Hall is embracing.
  • I don’t know anyone coming to the Hall, will I make friends easily?
    Absolutely yes! It might seem overwhelming at first, but everyone is in the same boat and ready to connect. Make sure you dedicate your first week to meeting new people, attending events and staying open to all the wonderful opportunities.
  • If I am struggling at the Hall, will there be support?
    There are so many supports services at the Hall, University and Canterbury region. Please reach out to an RA or staff member and we can connect you with as many supports as required.
  • What happens if I change my mind and leave during the year?
    The Hall has one key recruitment period and so your contract is for the full academic year. If you decide to leave, we are only able to refund some of your fees if we are able to fill the room. After students become settled for the year, this becomes more challenging.
  • What happens when I get sick?
    The UC Health Center is available for all students attending University of Canterbury. It is located on the UC campus and provides health care and vaccinations to registered residents. Click here to register. We also provide sick meals delivered to your room once you notify us you are unwell.
  • Do I need to test and tag my electrical items?
    Yes! For the safety of our residents and for insurance purposes, all electrical appliances that plug into an outlet, must be test and tagged by a registered electrician or certified person. We encourage residents to get their items checked before arriving at Arcady as you will not be able to use these items until they are certified.
  • What is the Resident Privacy Policy?
    Our Resident Privacy Policy can be found in our Resident Policies and Procedures Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

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